Pepa y Silvia

Los Hombres de Paco

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pepsi4eva asked: Hi I stumbled onto your page when doing a search for Laura Sanchez... the question posted by Fernandoboy on Dec 20th.... my understanding is that was a fanfiction written but we never saw it happen on the show. That was someones interpretation of what happened that night .Hope this helps :D

oh, thank you very much! Now we know :P

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sky1263 asked: Great site! I only found out about this show from a link of another tv show. I was so glad to see it on YouTube and find sites like this!! Awesome! Thank you, Margaret in NY

Thank you! :)

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fernandoboy07 asked: Hiya, I saw a written scene about being 4am & pellirojo wakes our pepa up for sex, but I haven't come across it as an episode. Would you know if anything about it. Regards, Sue

To my knowledge I have not seen any such scene. I have watched the full episodes too, although granted I do not speak Spanish. I think I would notice something like that. Does anyone know differently?

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